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Helping individuals and organizations live out their values and pursue excellence with: professional development, ethics training, organizational assessment, & cross-cultural training

Consulting, Coaching, & Educational Services

Business Ethics & Professional Development

Professional development and ethics education can help individuals respond to pressure filled careers and moral dilemmas with integrity increasing sustainability for individuals and the organizations they work for. I will provide interactive sessions provoking reflection, discussion, and learning that help professionals deal with challenges in ethical, holistic ways. Sessions are based on established theories and filled with practical strategies. With years of research and experience, I can help you provide professional development opportunities or design a program promoting development across the organization.

Health Care Provider Professional Development & Support

Providing medical care often means dealing with people who are anxious or facing emotional trauma, navigating organizational systems, and being confronted with ethical dilemmas. All of this can lead to overwhelming and draining work situations. I will provide interactive sessions provoking reflection, discussion, and learning that can help health care professionals deal with challenges in ethical, holistic ways. Sessions are based on established theories, research, and filled with practical strategies. With years of research and experience, I can help you provide professional development opportunities or design a program promoting professional wellness and competency based on organizational values.

Ethics & Professional Development Coaching

Are you tired of the stress from dealing with a high pressure career? Facing a new career opportunity or challenge and could use some added perspective or strategies? With extensive experience and education dealing with challenges, applying theory to practical use, promoting holistic practices, and encouraging others to excel, I can help you develop a more sustainable professional life and take on goals confidence.

Working Across Cultures

Working with people from different cultures can be confusing, but also very rewarding. Successful cross-cultural work depends on how much you understand and respond to other cultural perspectives. I will help you gain practical understandings and strategies for working with people from different cultures. With experience and theoretical knowledge, I can help you develop more effective ways of working internationally while living out your organizational values.

Organizational Planning & Assessment

I will help you assess your organizational culture and plan strategically based on organizational needs and desires. Extensive experience promoting leadership growth, organizational development, and qualitative research methods gives me the tools to help your organization live out its values and purpose more fully, while promoting ethical and sustainable practices.


Karen has been a great help through her collaboration with Global Brigades to further develop our women’s empowerment initiatives.  She traveled to Honduras to work with us on the ground building evaluation tools and working on improvements for Global Brigades’ Women’s Conferences.  Karen is also actively working with our Micro-Finance team in the area of cross-cultural and ethics education, an initiative that we hope to continue to partner on moving forward.

Ben ErkerDevelopment Program Officer, Global Brigades Honduras

Karen is a dynamic leader that transends and thrives in various cultural contexts. Her high level of compassion, commitment, and pursuit of social justice is only matched by her high levels of professionalism and pragmatism.  Karen has significantly elevated our annual women’s leadership conference in Honduras and our cross cultural ethics workshops for our microfinance program.

Steve AtamianCEO, Global Brigades

Few people have the depth of experience that Karen has to speak to the critical value of Business Ethics. Her life experiences, extensive research, and polished speaking abilities enable her to effectively connect with her audience. Having the pleasure of being a part of her research effort and also a participant at her presentation to over 200 people during the 2015 SME convention I’ve experienced firsthand Karen’s capabilities to engage people to reflect on their personal commitment to ethical behavior. I highly recommend Karen as a Business Ethics speaker to any group desiring a greater understanding of the role of Business Ethics.

Mike MlinarMining Executive

Thank you to Karen for being willing to work with our families involved in our Staying Ahead Program at Community Action Duluth.  The Family Systems Theory exercise that she  introduced  which focused on  considering the existence of two forces in our lives:  Individuality- The need to be a separate person  and Togetherness- The need to be emotionally connected to others, was one of the most powerful and effective sessions of our 12 month community leadership  program.  Her work is exciting, relevant and very effective.

Thank you Karen for investing in people striving to find significance in their lives!

Xavier “X” Bell,Director of Community Engagement/Social Assets, Circles of Support Programming Community Action Duluth

When people like you come to a community and they see how a woman can make a  wonderful work helping them, they developed skills and start to believe in themselves. How you saw in El Cantón, they started speaking and they started to comment about their ideas and how growing up they business ideas. Is amazing how people like you star helping people even when you don’t say anything. That’s a gift!

Is important to say that developed leadership takes a lot of time and is not easy to changes they opinions about them, but with initiatives like the women’s conference  and people like you (with a beautiful soul and heart)  help a lot and that kind of things.

Mittchell BenitezMicro-Finance Team Member, Global Brigades

Having spent twelve years under the leadership of Karen Schuder I feel qualified to express how much she and her training skills have meant to me. Her guidance is more than a little responsible for the advancements in our organization while engaging our members and encouraging them to do their best.

Carole HawkinsonBoard of Trustees Chairperson, Hillside U.M.C.

Karen Schuder wakes up my soul.  Karen delivers in a way that every person feels she is talking directly to them.  She speaks clearly and energetically.

Cindy GrindyMember, Pilgrim Congregational Church

I have found Karen’s messages to be inspiring and oddly, just what I needed that day. During a retreat she led us in discussions in a very gentle way at the same time showing good leadership skills and strength. I have observed her interacting with the other people in a caring friendly way. I think any organization would be lucky to work with her.

Lauri CushingMember, Pilgrim Congregational Church

The people of Pilgrim Congregational Church UCC are greatly enthusiastic about Karen’s leadership and gifts to them.  Her public speaking is well-crafted and engaging, with a natural style that draws in the audience and speaks even beyond the words themselves.  In educational settings, she draws out the wisdom of the participants, integrating their insights and experiences with the content she has to offer.  Through Dr. Schuder’s leadership, lives are touched, institutions transformed.

Jennifer Amy-DresslerInterim Pastor, Pilgrim Congregational Church UCC

Karen leads with a gentle spirit, compassion, and intelligence that is rare. Her education, experience, and personal gifts have made a difference in both religious and secular realms and in both Western and Third World cultures. Karen has knowledge, international experience, and perspective to facilitate unity where differences exist, provide effective strategies for improving personal and work relationships, and inspire authentic change in people and organizations.

Diane TorvickMember, Hillside U.M.C.

The Engineers Club of Northern Minnesota asked Karen to present on business ethics to our membership. Karen skillfully delivered the content to a room full of engineers, engaging them in meaningful group discussion and active participation. Karen’s presentation fulfilled the requirements for Professional Engineers who maintain professional engineering certification.

Julie MarinucciSr. Project Engineer

Business Ethics has been built into the requirements for engineers and geologists to maintain their professional license. The Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) asked Dr. Schuder to participate in our annual conference in Duluth. Dr. Schuder delivered personal stories, research and facilitated discussion around the important topic of ethics. To my surprise, she was able to encourage audience participation and create a personal space to debate and discuss ethics in a very large room on miners. SME was very happy with her professionalism and depth of knowledge and appreciate her willingness to support our organization.

Julie MarinucciSr. Project Engineer

Karen Schuder’s short course was presented to the Engineers Club of Northern Minnesota, a group including several professional engineers who are expected to exhibit the highest standards of honesty and integrity. The course was interactive and interesting, as well as satisfying professional development in engineering ethics required for licensure.

Amy Thorson, P.E.President of Engineers Club of Northern MN

Rev. Dr. Karen Schuder met with our team of childcare providers to host a Family Systems Theory training, and not only have I noticed positive changes within our team communicating with each other, but have also noticed healthier communication between our team members and our children, parents, clients, and colleagues.  We are looking forward to future training, as it has helped us so much!

Jodi BroadwellExecutive Director, Lincoln Park Children and Families Collaborative

I had the opportunity to work with Karen in several areas here in Honduras. She really cares about people. Karen is helping the people in Honduras in a really smart way, as she is a applying everything that she studied in University. In global brigades I had seen her work and she is trying very hard to help us understand the cultural dimensions so that we can have better results working with people from different cultures. Karen is a great leader because she has not only invited us to put in practice good principles but also she is coming all the way from the States to personally teach us.

Edy AvilesMicroFinance Team Member, Global Brigades Honduras

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